The Dominican Laity

The Dominicans were founded by St. Dominic in the 13th century. They are a Roman Catholic religious order consisting of lay people, priests, nuns, sisters and friars. The Dominican Laity are these lay people who have chosen to commit themselves to the ideas and ideals of St. Dominic.

A great site containing general information and an introduction to the Dominican Laity can be found here. Also, the Lay Dominican Crossroads web site contains additional helpful information.

The Dominicans have three mottos:
1)Veritas (Truth)
2)Contemplare et Contemplata aliis tradere
3)Laudare, benedicere, praedicare (to praise, to bless, to preach)

Dominicans also have four pillars or foundations. They are:

There are four priorities of Dominican mission:
1)A cathechesis directed to a de-Christianized culture and environment, a secularized Christianity. 
2)The philosophical and theological investigation of cultures, intellectual systems, and non-Christian religious traditions. 
3)Justice in the world — a critical analysis of the origins, forms and structures of injustice in contemporary society, and evangelical activities for the integral liberation of humankind. 
4)The integration of the means of social communication in the preaching of the word of God. 

Places to get additional information: 
Here are links to sites with more information about St. Dominic, and about St. Catherine of Siena. The Liturgy of the Hours, also, known as the Divine Office is an official prayer of the Church. More information about it can be found at the Universalis site. Also a daily recitation of it can be heard here. Dominican Central is the web site of the American Central Province of the Dominican Friars, the Province of St. Albert the Great. St. Dominics Priory is located in St. Louis on the 5th and 6th floors of Jesuit Hall, the same building that we have our meetings in. It is a house of initial formation for the Central and Southern Provinces.